Black Tide Is Rising

My new #1 hit from KZed Studios in the Dub-town, NC.

Lyrics under the fold:

Black Tide is Rising by Kevin Zelnio

Who are you fooling, it ain’t me
let your guard down for all to see
The price you pay is measured in dollars
The price the rest of us pay is forever

Who said you could take away our lives
cold-blooded, calculated, bleeding black lies
Hearts darkened like the deep Miss’ippi
While people dreams they keep slipping

Black tide is rising over our coast
creeping over the marsh and beach like a long forgotten ghost
Suffocating jobs, strangling our hopes
black tide is rising, nowhere to go

We trusted the government to look out for us
But the politicians cried that rules made too much a fuss
Who speaks for the pelicans, the shrimp, fish, and crabs
Who stands up for the poor who stands up for the blacks

You can paint us a picture bright and rosy
You can tell us all everything’s going all right
sit now high and mighty in your tower, till judgment comes one night
You can’t hide from the truth, with black tide in our sights


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