This Hydrodome BOB Breathing Observation Bubble is basically an underwater scooter type with a helmet that allows the rider to breathe while underwater. Isn’t that what you have been looking for? Yup, it will make scuba diving much easier, and of course, safer.

I like the fact is makes you look like your on the set for 70’s Cousteau film or Bond film. Just what I need to carry out my evil plans to take over the world!  Bwahahahahahaha

via Scuba Diving Gets Easier With HydroBOB | Walyou.

5 Replies to “HydroBOB”

  1. That seems like it sort of defeats the point of scuba diving to me. I mean, I can look like a dork riding a scooter on land, if that’s what I want to do.

  2. HydroBOB is meant to offer an easy introduction to diving. Without wearing the cumbersome dive equipment you can cruse around and enjoying the reef. Then, learn to dive.
    We have built 5 knot versions but the dive instructor could not keep up. Also, of you go too fast you don’ see the fish!

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