Kill It And Grill It

The latest PSA from filmmaker/scientist Randy Olson.

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  1. From Florida TV WEAR 3 this week:

    GULF COAST – We have another report of the venomous lion-fish in local waters.

    This video was taken about 20 miles south of Orange Beach this weekend by MBT Dive Shop photographer, Scott Bartel.
    The fish is not native to the gulf but has been spotted a lot more lately.
    It has no natural predators.
    It kills other fish and eats their eggs, and is poisonous to humans.
    Divers are encouraged to kill them on site.

    Scott Bartel/MBT Dive Shop: “The dive knife you have to be really careful, because the spines stick out quite a ways and you could actually get poked. So I wasn’t able to get close enough with my dive knife to do anything to it and the spear guns are made for larger fish.”

    Bartel suggests using a net to capture and then kill the fish if you encounter one.
    Monday, November 1 2010, 09:28 PM EDT

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