Worst Headline Ever?

Deep sea fish take ugliness to new level, says Niwa

Shame…shame…shame to ever thought that calling deep-sea fish ugly was a compelling way spin the narrative about the great fish biodiversity of the depths.  You know what? I don’t think they are ugly at all.  In fact, deep-sea fish are bad ass.  You know what else…deep-sea fish think your f’n ugly too!

via Deep sea fish take ugliness to new level, says Niwa – Science – NZ Herald News.

6 Replies to “Worst Headline Ever?”

  1. I’m with you. Did the NIWA person even say that they were ugly? And on a scale of fugliness, the hatchetfish pictured scores pretty low.

  2. And to illustrate it, they’ve chosen this cutie fish, which looks instead ‘miffed’ and subject to a grave insult, maybe the one from Niwa?

  3. Wait a minute. The headline is a red herring. The real problem is that NIWA (the we-would-be-government-but-got-privatized) Water-Ocean-Atmosphere research group was deep sea trawling under contract from the fishing industry looking for ever deeper populations
    of orange roughy … or ya know, anything they can bread, fry, and sell for $2/pc.

    I’m sure that won’t be disruptive to the deep sea ecosystem at all…

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