Hopefully you have been following ZooBorns, Andrew Bleiman’s sticky sweet tribute to all newly birthed and cute in the world’s zoos and aquariums. I personally prefer my zoology with a not so subtle hint of pubescent adolescence culminating in locker room humor, so I regular Andrew and his brother’s other blog Zooillogix.

Andrew with coauthor Chris Eastland have moved Zooborns from blog to book.  The book’s 150 pages is barely enough to contain the sickening cuteness of dozens of snuggly young animals. The photographs are enough to purchase the book.  But another surprising addition, makes it worth the buy…interesting and useful trivia to use at your next cocktail party.  Just imagine while sipping your gin and tonic stating with confidence “An elephant’s trunk is made up of over 40,000 muscles” or “Along with platypus, echidnas are the only mammal to lay eggs.”  Well now you can!  Seriously, I commend Bleiman and Eastland for providing a book rich in both content and visually stunning photography.  The book is available in both adult and kids versions for less than $10.

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  1. Wow. These books look outstanding. Maybe the best books ever published? How do I nominate them for a Pulitzer?

  2. This could be the greatest post I’ve ever read on Deep Sea News. Thanks Dr. M for this incredibly well conceived and written post.

  3. In all seriousness, thank you Craig and Kevin for sharing our books. Also, I want to point out that whenever possible, we try to highlight the conservation work done by zoos and aquariums in support of the featured species. When that information was not available, we at least try to highlight the conservation needs of that species in the wild.

    I sincerely believe these are the cutest (vertebrate) animal books ever created. Also, 10% of all ZooBorns revenue from the books goes directly to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conservation Endowment Fund.

    Thanks again all


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