12 Months of Deep Sea News

Its been ages since we did a meme around these parts. I got this from DrugMonkey. Post the link and first sentence of the first blog entry for each month in 2010.Since we tended to highlight blog carnivals in the beginning of each month, I skipped ahead to the first non carnival-link post.

January: I’ve discussed Jason Bradley a lot here in the past. (Dr.M, Link)

February: Oil and gas extraction is pervasive among the coasts of the world. (Kevin Z, Link)

March: Last week, NPR had a fascinating story on how worldview influences belief in climate change. (Miriam, Link)

April: The vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata (literally the Rift-shrimp deprived of eyes) swarms hydrothermal chimneys, with temperatures reaching over 350 C, en masse in the darkness of the deep sea. (Kevin, Link)

May: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to worsen. (Miriam, Link)

June: A new National Geographic special on building the world’s largest cruise ship. (Kevin, Link)

July: From Harlan Kirgan, Mississippi Press… Oil droplets have been found beneath the shells of tiny post-larval blue crabs drifting into Mississippi coastal marshes from offshore waters. (Dr. M, Link)

August: A new paper by Boyce, Lewis, and Worm from Dalhousie University, provides clear evidence of decreasing phytoplankton biomass over the last century. (Dr. M, Link)

September: Promoting microbial degradation of oil has been one of the main arguments in favor of dispersant use. (Dr. Bik, Link)

October: At the next conference, symposium or faculty meeting you attend take a good look at the landscape around you. (Kevin, Link)

November: A fascinating 10 minute short film. (Kevin, Link)

December: New work in the Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society indicates that ammonites were likely preyed upon beaked squids. (Dr. M, Link)

Let us know if you play along!

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