Most Epic Tattoo Ever

Hmmmm….I really don’t know what to say. Via reddit

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  1. Why is the first comment in any tattoo-related post in a non-tattoo related about how full of regrets someone is going to be about a tattoo? If my biggest regret is some ink I put in my skin, then I’m going to say I’ve done a very good job. Personally, I’m going to regret not diving with sharks early enough in my life, until too many of them are endangered or extinct and too hard to find, or they’ll have all mated with octos and truly begun the almighty sharktopus species. THAT will be a story to tell the grandchildren… “Bah, when *I* was your age, sharks and octopus were separate species, and before the ocean levels rose (sorry about that), we never dreamed about the dangers of sharktopus attacking us in our sleep in our floating houses”

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