The science behind Legal Sea Foods’ “blacklisted” dinner

Legal Sea Foods’ “blacklisted” seafood dinner took place last night. From the Boston Globe:

An e-mail invitation to the sold-out event, sponsored by Legal Sea Foods and the nonprofit Culinary Guild of New England, reads: “Presenting a menu of supposed ‘blacklisted’ fish, Legal’s President and chief executive Roger Berkowitz discusses how outdated scientific findings unfairly turn the public against certain species of fish.’’

But was the science outdated and unfair? I dove into the latest scientific literature so you don’t have to. Check out my post from last month for the answers, and for an incriminating look into my deep love of unsustainable shrimp burritos.

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  1. Holy mixed feelings, Batman. I’m not sure whether to applaud them for their acknowledgment of the complexity of sourcing sustainable seafood, and that broad-brush rules are too simplistic, or to decry the detestable “those scientists think they’re so clever… but we know better” vibe emanating from their very pores.

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