Who Ya Gonna Call?

Kirk Cameron!

That’s right! When thousands of birds mysteriously fall from the sky and schools of fish wash up dead on the shore in Arkansas, Anderson Cooper turns to 80’s actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron for the 411.

Even Cameron seems perplexed as to why Cooper is asking him for answers. Cooper is obviously doing some fishing of his own and appears to be looking for some fire and brimstone, end-of-times bon mot to spring from Cameron’s mouth. But the best he can get is an oblique metaphor of the falling birds being sort of akin to the plummeting moral fiber of America.

Seriously though, slow news cycle Anderson?

RickMac (67 Posts)

2 Replies to “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

  1. A vet! What a great response. Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised at Cameron’s overall response. Considering some of his anti-science/anti-evolution drivel in other shows, it was refreshingly balanced.

  2. I recently learned two things about Anderson Cooper that I found interesting.

    1) He’s a Vanderbilt.

    2) He’s almost 20 years younger than my parents.

    Sure, he’s a terrible news commentator, as evidenced by this drivel.

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