Sea Turtle Shot in Neck As It Surfaces for Air

From The LAist:

“X-rays revealed four pellets lodged in the muscle of Bruce’s throat, however there was no damage to arteries or major organs so they’ll likely stay put as removing them could potentially cause more injury. It is believed the turtle was shot some time ago, and based on the pellet position at the bottom of his neck veterinarians suggest Bruce was shot when he lifted his head out of the water to take a breath.”

Parents cover your childrens’ ears (eyes I guess). OK?

FUCK THAT!!!! What on earth possesses some jerk-off cowboy to shoot an endangered sea turtle in the neck as it surfaces for air? Is not like they are a threat to your life or competing with your food sources. These stories come up from time to time about a seals or sea lion getting shot in Oregon, and now pelicans are showing up with gun wounds offshore from my town, Wilmington. One theory is that fishermen are shooting the wildlife because they are taking their fish. This has never been proven and the killers are still out there. Some of these animals are protected, so it is a FELONY to intentionally harm protected wildlife.

Thankfully in the case of Bruce, the sea turtle, quick-thinking and well-trained wildlife veterinarians were able to save his life and help him make a recovery. The veterinarians at Sea World in San Diego hope to release him back into wild. Just how important is it that we save every individual sea turtle?

“A rare mature adult, “He’s one of the few animals that are actually capable of breeding, and so he could be a key animal for the population,” Nollens continued”

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  1. I think its funny how hypocritical fishermen can be. On one hand, they don’t believe there is anyway that their methods can decimate fisheries stocks. And yet, they totally believe that other wildlife is capable of doing it. I have dealt with fishermen up here in NY who think that the winter seal population eats all the winter flounder, but that there is no way they can fish enough to have an impact on the population. Nuts. I think its sad that these animals get shot. I guess luckily for the local winter seal populations, there is a lot of people out watching them every day.

  2. I don’t understand how it ist possible that some people are so stupid and ignorant…
    @Hohn Carroll: Especially fishermen seem to be very stupid. I thought stupidity would raise exponential with the peoples who are involved, but this shows that the factors ignorance and profit are also very important.

  3. Just to be clear, no one knows the cause in this case or the Pelican case that I also discussed. Could be some dumb drunk out of towners on a joy ride with daddy’s boat.

  4. South San Diego Bay, where this turtle was found, has a resident population of green sea turtles thanks to the nice warm outflow from a power plant. It does NOT have commercial fishermen, thanks to a whomping great load of heavy metals, PCBs, and other nasties. If this turtle was shot in south San Diego Bay I bet drunken fools are the answer.

  5. Ah, yes, sorry to jump to such a conclusion about fishermen, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It could very well have been drunken fools. But I think we all agree that shooting sea creatures for no apparent reason is bad.

  6. I never used weapon, but I have difficulty to imagine someone drunk shooting in the neck of a sea turtle surfacing.

    More generally, I wonder how peoples in US can feel safe knowing that anyone can own a lethal weapon. Thinking that even the wildlife isn’t safe… That’s such a nonsense!

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