Awesome Google Doodle in Honor of Jules Verne Today

Well-played Google! Go there today and see it move, plus learn about this great visionary! And DON’T FORGET TO PLAY WITH THE LEVER ON THE RIGHT!! Totally awesome. Jules Verne is solely responsible for this marine biologist’s career. I played 20,000 Leagues under the sea religiously as a kid growing up in Iowa.

Jules Verne:Me :: Jacques Cousteau:Dr.M

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  1. Jules Verne! I read all his books when I was a kid…I loved 20,000 Leagues of course but I was also a big fan of underground dinosaurs in Journey to the Center of the Earth. I think I blame Jules for my hope that trilobites still scuttle around some obscure corner of the deep sea.

    Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow: Miriam. “ALERT THE AMPHIBIOUS SQUADRONS!”

  2. I just finished reading “An Antarctic Mystery,” which was an excellent read, full of speculation about what lay within reach of 90 deg latitude at the time of its writing; an ice wall barrier for sailors, open ocean at the pole with a continent around there somewhere.

    A bit of racism marred the piece, but overall I liked it.

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