Got Shark?

Bull sharks, Fiji. © 2011, Mike Neuman, Beqa Adventure Divers

Apologies on my spare offerings of late, but things are crazy busy for me with field work in Fiji.  I’m not at liberty to go into too many details at the moment, but I can share a few snippets from an epic Friday (my Friday is already kaput here at GMT+13 and a day).  The above photo of a mob of bull sharks is courtesy of Mike Neuman, proprietor of the incredible Beqa Adventure Divers here in Pacific Harbor.

Very special thanks to Mike for putting me in the hot seat, literally centimeters from these magnificent animals.  My somewhat shaky video below will give you a sense of the action this morning at about 30 meters (and my crazy breathing is an indication of the adrenalin rush of being face to face with these massive beauties). I never zoomed the camera, so what you see is essentially what I was seeing (and just as close).

While I remain skeptical of feeding wildlife as a general rule, I can still respect Mike’s operation at BAD.  He runs a professional, carefully-choreographed, conservation and community-focused shark dive.

Frenzied killing machines? Hardly.
Deserving of Respect? Oh you betcha!

More later…

5 Replies to “Got Shark?”

  1. Reminds me of Sonny Gruber’s Caribbean reef sharks off Bimini – we went there for a field marine biology class at RSMAS (University of Miami). Seems to me that bull sharks are a whole other ball game! And at 30m? We just had snorkels!

  2. I loved diving over in Fiji. Whenever they took us to a spot they said we would see sharks we would see them. Every dive on “manta reef” yielded mantas. I’ve never had dive experiences like that anywhere else.

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