Stories Deep on Our Sonar!

Science and teaching are keeping me away from any real blogging. Which means I am typically more active on Twitter. Here are some interesting reads from my twitter feed (@kzelnio).

  • Via @chadenelsen I learned that Killer Whales are getting more documented as being ferocious Great White Shark killers.
  • There was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. This is very tragic as it was a metropolitan area and there is LOTS of damage. Our hearts go out to our New Zealand colleagues as they rebuild. @JimMacMillan compiled some images of the damage here.
  • Following up on promises made by BP to fix its damage to Gulf coast, you know “making it right again” as they say in their infomercials, @NOLAnews reports that they are reneging on deal to rebuild oyster reefs and repair the invaluable wetlands.
  • @WanderinWeeta shared a link to a really good article put on the UK’s National Environmental Research Council’s website called “The Rise and Rise of the Sea“. They discuss the sea level rise that already is occurring as well future sea level rise and the research going on by Southampton’s National Oceanography Center.
  • Learned via @para_sight that the first harmful algal bloom species genome was published. Press release from WHOI.
  • Also, some sad news from @dbiello that infant dolphins are washing up on the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts in anomalous numbers. While there is suggestion of the striking timing of gestation during the oil spill last year, necropsies are underway and we should have the details soon. Definitely a story on my sonar.
  • Apparently there is an investigation into whether BP was underreporting oil spill flow rates early on to ease stock investors concerns. Also, whether there was insider trading by employees due to knowledge of higher spill rates. In other words, was BP or its employees buying themselves time to cut their losses by mispreporting the oil spill flow rate? Hat tip to our friend John Amos (@skytruth) from SkyTruth.
  • Finally, our buddy Al Dove (@para_sight) at Deep Type Flow has an interview with Johnson Sea Link 2 submersible pilot Don Liberatore on his blog where Don talks about he got to be a sub pilot. Make sure you poke around his place. He’s the real deal marine biologist and has a great blog.

You should follow all these great folk on twitter, in addition to the DSN crew!, if you use the service. If not, then keep an eye on our twitterfeed over to the right for more tidbits and links throughout the day, everyday.

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