World’s Tiniest Aquarium


via Pictures of the day: 22 February 2011 – Telegraph.

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  1. I used to do that, as a kid. I’d lay down next to a shell line, with my eyes three inches from the sand, and look for the tiniest shells I could find. I kept my collection in a Tic Tac box.

  2. What’s the overcrowding rule again…1 inch of fish per gallon? That plant will probably outgrow that tank in a week. That is, if the water doesn’t evaporate first.

  3. You should use plastic plants, because if that is a cut from a moss plant, it will over grow your tank. The plants also need light, but only sometimes, because they will over grow more quickly. But they will simply die off if you do not give them light. Also, the fish fry, depending on breed, can not enjoy your mini tank for very long, and, without heat and filteration, they will die off because it is almost inpossible to not overfeed, and tropical fish fry NEED a heater, but it would be hard to set the heat. You would have to a set of these made, which is mostly inpossible. So, in conclusion, a tank this small will not be a healthy eco-system, so you should not try this at home. I am asuming this was a joke. Cute, but not healthy. :)

  4. I think this is an art concept not a real tank. Hence why he is called an artist not a marine-biologist.

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