Diving Iceland

Last summer, I had the unbelievable opportunity to dive Silfra in Iceland.  That was made possible by the wonderful dive master, Alfi Ramsay, and Dive.IS for logistical support.  He made the dives extremely smooth and left me with a great deal of knowledge including his four rules of scuba diving.

  1. Look good
  2. If you make a mistake refer to rule #1
  3. Safety, safety, and more safety (it makes you look good)
  4. Apply silicon grease where necessary

Alfi just sent along this gorgeous video of diving at Silfra. Watch it and drool.



5 Replies to “Diving Iceland”

  1. I’m actually going to be in iceland for a few days in in may, on my way to norway. And I really want to do this after I saw your first post on silfra. It looks amazing!

  2. I will! And I got certfied in Rhode Island and hopefully will be doing my first dry suit dive in Puget Sound in a few weeks so hopefully that will prepare me.

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