RickMac’s adventures

As always, Rick is too modest to post about his own adventures…but fortunately I keep tabs on him through Coral Reef Alliance’s e-newsletter. Rick just went on Dr. David Guggeheim’s Ocean Doctor podcast to talk about the Coral Reef CSI program, in which crimes against coral reefs are investigated and prosecuted.

“The Coral Reef CSI program is filling an important niche, as few marine protected areas have field investigators armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to hold responsible parties accountable for injuries to managed coral reef resources,” said Rick MacPherson, Interim Executive Director and Conservation Programs Director at the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). “The program is a natural fit for CORAL because it is closely aligned with our own community-focused approach to reducing local reef threats in order to create and sustain healthy coral reef communities.”

The whole podcast is worth a listen, but check Rick out starting at 19 min 24 seconds.

Or, if you’re in the DC area in Saturday, you can catch Rick in person at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He’ll be giving a lecture with Margaret Wertheim of the Institute For Figuring for the program called “Stories from the Reef: Raising Awareness Through Community Projects.”

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