Dive into Expedition Week!

Tonight starts Expedition Week on the National Geographic Channel. It opens with “Eating with Cannibals” and “Finding Jack the Ripper” at 9pm EST/PST. For those with a salty swing, Wednesday April 6 is your night! At 9pm EST/PST aires “Return of the Ghost Ship” where explorers try to bring a nearly intact wooden wreck back to life from the Baltic Sea. I recommend pairing this episode with a Kraken and Cola. Right after that, at 10pm EST/PST, stick around for “Ben Franklin’s Pirate Fleet”. I am particularly excited about this one. The premise is that Ben Franklin might have hire privateers to capture British soldiers in order to exchange them for American prisoners. A shipwreck uncovered in the Irish Sea may hold clues! Given the location, I think an Irish Pirate is in order (1 shot each of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Rum, and Jameson, fill glass with orange juice). Check out the preview below:

Though the week will conclude on Saturday, next Sunday (April 10, 9pm EST/PST) starts more exciting salty expeditions with the season premiere of Shark Men. These scientists use some new methods to try to efficiently capture sharks for data on their reproduction. Last season they tagged 13 sharks, lets see they do in Farallons this season! Naturally, I’d recommend slamming down a White Shark (4.5 oz Bacardi 151 + 6 oz Peppermint Schnapps, mix with ice) to get you pumped up for it.