TGIF: In honor of Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! Please appreciate this eloquent video highlighting the glories of our beautiful planet: “[email protected] Planet Earth.” (Strong language, OBVIOUSLY!)

4 Replies to “TGIF: In honor of Earth Day”

  1. As someone who studies the deep sea, I was excited when I came across this blog. Then I watched 10 secs of this video. It was the most recent post. I will not be back.

  2. We would prefer those with a sense of humor around here anyways. Have a fantasticly boring day!

  3. If you keep on studying the deep sea and actually get to spend time on a ship, your sense of humor will expand – though opportunities for that may be limited, as no one wants to be stuck on a ship for a month with a humorless stick-in-the-mud. You’re welcome back once you’ve had that ephiphany. Good luck – it’s hard being a person like you!

  4. Nice responses! Those made me happy. Also, yay! By Miriam’s logic, I have already developed the requisite salty sense of humor because I thought this video was hilarious!

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