Deep-Sea Vents Discovered In Southern Ocean

And more in hydrothermal vent news…

Scientists aboard the Royal Research Ship James Cook have discovered a new set of deep-sea volcanic vents in the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean. The discovery is the fourth made by the research team in three years, which suggests that deep-sea vents may be more common in our oceans than previously thought.

via Deep-Sea Vents Discovered – May 13 2011 – University of Southampton – Labmate Online.

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  1. ooops sorry for the screwed up tags! So is vent-type habitat more geographically common than originally thought?

  2. I think we are realizing they are quite common throughout the world’s oceans

  3. Of course there are many more vents down on the floor of the ocean. That’s why the case for/against global anthropogenic climate change will never be confirmed: too many unknowns regarding output of CO2 from Mother Earth. These things are spewing all sorts of gases continuously. They found a huge volcano under the Arctic Ocean a few years ago. Until they can define a “closed system” with regards to CO2, then it’s all arm-waving regardless of what side you’re on.

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