Just a, er, quickie

If you live in central Florida and have an interest in marine life, come and hear my wife and I discuss Sex in the Oceans at a public lecture this Wednesday evening at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Ft Pierce.  There will be an abundance of sexy sea slugs, debauched dolphins, kinky Minke whales and a walrus that can do exactly what any self respecting male walrus would do without tusks to get in the way; we’ll even discuss the magnificent “phallous wunderfische”.  Obviously an adults only event!  Details in the link, or call 772 -242-2506.

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  1. I am an intern at Harbor Branch and I attended both talks (had to find the blog!). Awesome presentations! :D

  2. Thanks Jigs, glad you enjoyed them. Have a poke around the archives; these folks have been cranking out bloggy awesomesauce for ages!

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