Scientists Take Darwin on the Road

Readers may recall me be posting about NESCent’s Darwin Day Road Show.  Miller-McCune graciously allowed me to write up the experience for them. Please take some time and read the piece.  It gives hope for the future of science in the United States.

A posse of evolutionary scientists traveled to the heart of America to share their excitement about science on the birthday of Charles Darwin. This is their story.

via Scientists Take Darwin on the Road | Miller-McCune.

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  1. Bravo Craig and all the Darwin Day team! This is important work. A colleague of mine says that most problems boil down to lack of communication. That may be a bit simplistic, but is certainly true that engaging with people and showing them what evolution is and what evolutionary biologists actually do is a key step in breaking down prejudices and misinformation. And reminding people how cool organisms are!

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