Talking Trash at Georgia Aquarium Science on Tap

If you’re in the Atlanta GA area, this Wednesday evening is your chance to drink beer with two of your very favorite Deep Sea News bloggers. Thanks to Dr. Para_Sight,  I’ll be speaking about my research on plastic pollution in the North Pacific Gyre at the Georgia Aquarium Science on Tap series. Come learn about the real Great Pacific Garbage Patch and have a beer with me & Al!

One Reply to “Talking Trash at Georgia Aquarium Science on Tap”

  1. I sincerely trust that the Georgia Aquarium concessions do not sell ANY single-use plastic containers, toys, or any other products made from plastics.

    As you will know, plastics are the single biggest cause of mass pollution and the destruction of marine environments world-wide.

    Perhaps you could use the opportunity of your visit to check for yourself?

    Kind regards
    Beverley Bailey
    Earthrace Conservation

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