2 From DSN in the 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize Contest!

The very intelligent website 3 Quarks Daily, has an annual Science Prize for science writing on the web. Two articles from Deep Sea news have made it to be selected among 80 for judging! This prestigious award is cash prize and we would really love your support to make at least one of us get to the final judging round to have a shot! The two entries are:

Kevin Zelnio: Quantifying Outreach to the Cult of Science
Al Dove: This is Clearly an Important Species We’re Dealing With

Please vote here (*ahem*especiallymypost*cough*sorryal*ahem*), and of course take a look around at the entries and vote the one you feel really deserves to win. We have lots of great friends and colleagues in the running and no matter the outcome, science blogging is the real winner!

2 Replies to “2 From DSN in the 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize Contest!”

  1. I encourage all DSN readers to go and cast a vote and to ignore Kevin’s cheap and tawdry ploy to garner votes for his entry. Mine has Aliens and is therefore CLEARLY the superior post…

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