KRAKEN Day: Big Dead Squid

Its hard to believe that way way back in 2007, Kevin Z was writing his epic song Big Dead Squid, which launched in blogmusic career. Now 4 years later he is still #1 on the charts for invertebrate folk music posted on blogs! Little known fact about this song is that it was inspired by this brief post from Dr. M.



A potential new record holder for the largest giant squid washed ashore in western Tasmania. The individual came in at 550 lbs (250 kg) and stretched 26 ft (8 m) from head to the end of its severed tentacles. The specimen was extremely damaged and might measure longer. In the standard metric of body size of sea giants, the school bus (SB), this would measure about 0.9 SB. “It’s a whopper,” Genefor Walker-Smith, curator at the Tasmanian Museum, told the Reuters news service. Interestingly, giant squid rarely, if ever, was ashore on the western Tasmanian beaches being more common on the eastern side.

And here it is Kevin Z’s chart topping hit from 2007: Big Dead Squid! (Lyrics)

He later followed it up in 2008 with a non-quite-so-popular B-side: The Giant Squid Breakdown! (Lyrics)

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