Welcome to Kraken Day!

Welcome to the unofficial KRAKEN DAY on DSN! Why is an unofficial KRAKEN DAY on DSN? We are celebrating all things KRAKEN today in honor  of Wendy Williams new book…  K R A K E N!!!!! The day will lead up to a special review of KRAKEN by colleague and Canadian science writer David Manly. But we thought we’d have a little fun along the way and repost some of our favorite KRAKEN posts from days long gone! So every hour we will dig DEEP into our archives to bring you the very best from Deep Sea News’ KRAKEN vault. Then, this evening we will post Manly’s review of KRAKEN!

We hope you enjoy our one-day roast of the KRAKEN!! Don’t forget to check back all day for Krakelacken good times! I now turn over the reigns of DSN to our guest host Dr. Archie Teuthis.

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