High Speed Suction Feeding: Bloopers Edition

The Wainwright lab at my alma mater, UC Davis, is famous for posting their high speed video of fish biomechanics, in particular jaw morphology and function. This involves a lot of filming of how fishes feed. The lab put together a brilliant reel of outtakes from these sessions. I LOL’d, I cried…

From their youtube video page:

While many of our videos are clear, lateral shots; these are not always easy to obtain. We work with live animals, often in aquarium with other individuals that also want food. There are many instances when we try to capture a good sequence and the fish stop being nice and start getting real. The above videos represent these cases where the angle is bad, the fish miss the prey, or individuals get in each others way.

All videos filmed at 1000 frames per second played back at 10 frames per second.

All live animal protocols were approved by the University of California’s Animal Care and Use Committee.

Hat tip to Neil on Google +, always a source of brilliant material.

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