Salty sci-fi stories for summer

It’s the end of summer, when many folks are either going on vacation or cranking hard in the lab before the school year starts again. I like to listen to podcasts while I drive or work, and two of my favorites are Escape Pod, with weekly science fiction stories, and Podcastle, with weekly fantasy stories. Both of these podcasts occasionally feature ocean-themed stories, and I thought you all might enjoy a bit of salty fiction. Though these stories are not exactly what you’d call “literature,” there are plenty of talking squid in outer space and not a single psychic dolphin.

  • As Below, So Above. Ever wonder what the mad scientist’s super intelligent giant squid were thinking?
  • Cruciger. Charismatic alien squid-creatures who communicate with chromatophores.
  • Pressure. Don’t you want to be biomodified into an oceanic man-fish? I DO!
  • Amaryllis. Takes place on a fishing boat in a dystopic future.
  • The Mermaids Singing Each to Each. Takes place on a trash-fishing boat in a SUPER dystopic figure.

Also, in honor of HP Lovecraft’s 121st birthday two days ago, here’s an extensive list of audio versions of his books and stories. The Call of Cthulhu is a tentacled classic.


Photo via The Trap Blog.

8 Replies to “Salty sci-fi stories for summer”

  1. I think it is rather appealing to have the libertarians move to oceanic platforms. Perhaps then they will leave my home state of NH alone. Personally, I suspect the teamwork necessary for living on a tiny platform surrounded by the unforgiving sea (winter storms! everything rusts and breaks!) will turn them all into flag-waving socialists.


    Thx for Haggopian recommendation!

  3. I wish I could listen to podcasts in the car, but they make me drowsy. And I cannot listen at home, for when one has 7 kids one has no quiet time.

    And what’s wrong with Libertarians wanting to invest in seasteading? Libertarians want small government. You can’t get much smaller than establishing your own country on a platform at sea – look at Sealand. If I won the lottery, I’d invest in one myself.

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