Were The Pixies the First Band to Write a Song About El Nino?

Of course, it may be debatable how this song is all about El Nino, but there is NO DEBATE on whether The Pixies were one of the greatest bands in existence of my generation.

6 Replies to “Were The Pixies the First Band to Write a Song About El Nino?”

  1. I’m guessing some old Atacama tribes local band a few thousand years ago … not that old Francis didn’t write one of my all time favorite songs. I think I have three versions or so in the old collection.

  2. Hey, if Frank says so, I’ll take his word on it…

    Cool video. I didn’t know they’d performed at Newport. I got to see them in San Jose, which was one of the memorable moments of my first year in college.

  3. Its very impressive that he figured out ENSO’s wave-like nature – he wrote this song BEFORE Topex/Poseidon was launched, when everyone else got to see it propogating across the Pacific. Should we be searching their back catologue for other ideas, as mathematicians did with Gauss’s notebooks after he died??

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