ReefBase broadcast tonight!

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums is holding its annual conference in Atlanta this week (Twitter #AZA2011) and at tonights iceabreaker event at Georgia Aquarium, we’re going to try a live cross to the Aquarius ReefBase habitat off the Florida Keys.  ReefBase, which is a NURC and UNCW initiative, is the only underwater lab in the world, sitting on the bottom in 60ft of water among sandy patches and coral reef.  On this occasion, we’ll be crossing to Prof. Mark Hay from the Biology Dept at Georgia Tech, who is there tending to some experiments about algal chemical defences against herbivorous fishes, but there will also be a Q&A session about life and work in a saturation habitat.  The web address is here and the boradcast starts at 6PM with the live cross at 7:30PM.  All are welcome to tune in, and you can ask questions via the social media chat box (sign in via Facebook or Twitter) directly on the Ustream page.  Please join us!

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  1. Speaking of the Georgia Aquarium, has anyone had success in viewing their webcams? The new mbayaq webcams are hit and miss, at best, but I have never been able to view the other ones.

  2. Well that’s disappointing. I checked in on it and I can see the Ocean Voyager one ( but not the other three (penguins, otters, belugas), so I’ve passed your concerns on to the aquarium’s PR and IT staff and they will hopefully take of that quick smart. In the meantime, there’s some great recorded Ocean Voyager webcam stuff on the SharkWeek Ustream channel here:

  3. I have heard from IT that the webcams are fixed and they’re working fine for me now. Let me know if you’re having any more problems. Thanks for the feedback!

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