Shark Bait: Gordon Ramsay Helps Expose Shark Finning

Below is a highlights video of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s special Shark Bait in which he does his part to root out shark finning and trace it back to the fishermen who are tryign to make a living this way. You can watch the entire program at Thaicodfish’s Youtube channel, but this reel below really does a good job of summarizing the program. While many opinions surround Gordon Ramsay as a person, I was impressed by his curiosity and thorough delivery of the issue from a variety of angles.

What is more important is that he will reach an audience that many scientists have difficulty reaching to. This is the beauty in using celebrities in environmental messaging. A segment of society may actually listen to them more, even if it is subconsciously, than someone with an appropriate scientific background. The body language and words, both scripted and non, tell another story when coming from the mouth of a non-expert – otherwise an interested member of the public.

Not safe for work due to language.

7 Replies to “Shark Bait: Gordon Ramsay Helps Expose Shark Finning”

  1. I must say I was impressed by his passion for understanding the issue of finning and doing something about it as a chef.

  2. I was very impressed with Gordon Ramsay’s Shark Bait. I can not believe the cruelty that is being done to these poor animals. I could barely stand to see it. We all need to come together and do something to stop these people from finning and to STOP EATING FIN SHARK SOUP!

  3. If China has advanced culture and traditions, further advanced than the west (which they claim), Than I am the pope. I still have to see China come as far as the west has come. I think China is over gallopping their abilities to be of any importance in the world. The way they treat humans and animals only shows their unability to develop their thinking and their acting.
    Unfortunately other poor or poorer countries jump in the trade to feed the demand for shark fins.

  4. I was so disturbed by your programme on Shark Fins – I so admire your guts to expose this shocking, disgusting, evil, wicked, senseless, shameful behaviour – how can man do such a thing and have no conscience about the consequences – there will be nothing left for the next generation to explore and enjoy because of the cruel plundering of the oceans. Thank you Gordon for having the guts and balls to expose the shocking truth. I cannot tell you how appalled I was watching the TV programme. Can human beings really be so insensitive? What kind of person can inflict that sort of pain on an innocent creature day in and day out and be able to sleep and live with themselves – WHAT and WHO??????? Sooon there will be no sharks left. It is like the turtle eggs – she lays all those eggs for a good reason because the rate of survival naturally is so limited let alone mans interference!!! Shortly, there will be no turtles left. PEOPLE DOINGING ALL THIS – STOP THIS SENSELESS CRUELTY – HAVE A CONSCIENCE. Thank you Gordon Ramsay for exposing these cruel people. Continue the good work. You are an amazing gentleman. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE S T O P – S T O P E A T I N G S H A R K F I N S O U P

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