The EPR Chronicles IX

For background on the EPR Chronicles, see this post. The expedition was also recorded online at the Field Museum during this time (before science blogs!) and includes dispatches, videos and photos!

Wednesday 11/12/2003

Tomorrow is my big day! Tomorrow I go down to the bottom of the sea in Alvin! It was quite a surprise. Breea & Karen came to me after lunch while I was talking to Janet. They both looked very excited so I asked what was going on and Karen asked if I wanted to go to the seafloor tomorrow morning. I was very astonished since I thought I would be among the last to be asked to go down in Alvin. It came as a total surprise! Everyone is so excited for me to be going down. Of course there is a price to pay when you go down in the sub for the first time. Usually you get 2 buckets of cold water dumped on you as you get out of the sub. Also, some people have gotten their shoes in blocks of ice or their clothes frozen. So I don’t know what is in store for me when I get off that sub tomorrow!!