The EPR Chronicles XIII

For background on the EPR Chronicles, see this post. The expedition was also recorded online at the Field Museum during this time (before science blogs!) and includes dispatches, videos and photos!

Sunday 11/23/03 4:00 am

Last dive was on Saturday. It was dive 3941, that makes it 16 dives we had out here on the East Pacific Rise. George went down in the sub today. He is the 1st mate on board & has never been down in the sub before. Since the was the last dive, Janet held a lottery for a member of the crew to go down in the sub. George’s name was drawn. He has worked on the Atlantic for 8 years and has even been captain of the ship on occasion. He seemed very nervous, but he did good and you could tell he had an experience of a lifetime. It was interesting to hear how a non-scientist described the dive. I can tell he can’t wait to show the videos & tell his family all about it.

The video work is so damn time-consuming, I really hope I can finish tomorrow. All I can think about is seeing Linda in two days.