Blue whales in a red tide

Check out these gorgeous photos of blue whales going through the red tide! Eddie Kisfaludy took them with his iPhone from a small plane off La Jolla Shores, and they are published here with his permission. (Thanks, Eddie!) For more information on the current red tide – still going strong today – see our FAQ with Scripps professor Peter Franks and Ed Joyce’s interview with Scripps researcher Melissa Carter.

Red tide off La Jolla Shores


Wind rows of red tide


Blue whales under red tide


Blue whales surface in red tide
Blue whale leaves a "trail" through red tide

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  1. Remarkable! I am green with envy right now. I live for moments like this. How I wish I could also witness something amazing like this. It’s one of those priceless moments that we show share to our grandkids when we grow old. It’s amazing how nature can put us in so much awe.

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