Shark Hope

Bula!” (That’s Fijian for “Yo, wassup!“) Following a successful premier this past Monday in the Fiji capital of Suva, I’m proud to bring you the new short documentary, Shark Hope. Produced by the Coral Reef Alliance and The Pew Environment Group’s Global Shark Conservation Campaign, the film is an entirely Fijian effort that details the plight of sharks in Fiji, focuses on the importance of sharks to Fiji’s culture, economy and marine environment, and efforts to create a Fiji National Shark Sanctuary. The film stars local Fijian celebrity Ratu Manoa Rasigatale and global celebrity and DSN pal Angelo Villagomez as “Irish-Chamorro shark expert with satellite tagging collar around his neck”.

And don’t forget to show your support for establishing a Fijian Shark Sanctuary (which would be MELANESIA’S FIRST shark sanctuary and the WORLD’S SECOND LARGEST) by signing our online petition.

Vinaka vakalevu! (Thank you very much!)

5 Replies to “Shark Hope”

  1. Awesome Rick, thanks! When you posted about the Fiji shark initiative on FB, the cool logo gave me the idea of doing a shark conservation tattoo campaign! The idea is still gelling, but in general, people like us that are always raving about shark conservation agree to get a shark tattoo if “INSERT SPECIFIED ACTION”. Could be; 1000 people pledge to stop eating seafood, Obama outlaws shark fishing in US waters, or maybe something a little more realistic. David Shiffman has agreed to a full face tattoo! What do you say?!

  2. I’m SO DOWN, John! Sign me up! Great idea. Can we see if there is a burrito shop that will agree to a lifetime free burritos to anyone with the shark conservation tatt? I’ll settle for free churros. :)

  3. Ohhhh. I get it. In addition to “helping” the sharks, we figure out a way to score some swag for ourselves! As if blogging-for-the-oceans wasn’t lucrative enough!

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