Under the Sea at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012

I am drooling so much, I am going to have to cover my keyboard in plastic. Winter wardrobes always depress me (too many layers, so much black), but this year I CANNOT WAIT to wear Spring fashion.  Its Paris Fashion Week right now (I am probably the only marine biologist that trawls the Vogue website during my coffee breaks), and the runways are dripping with some gloriously stunning pieces–ocean themes are in, it seems. So far Chanel, Givency, and Alexander McQueen have shown completely jaw-dropping collections inspired by the sea.

Reader. Dear Reader. I am but a poor scientist with high fashion dreams. I do invite you, implore you even, to donate one of the below pieces to my present, uninspired S/S 2012 wardrobe if you feel so inclined.  In fact, such donations would solve all my wardrobe dilemmas for the Ocean Sciences Meeting in February 2012 which I have just decided to attend. Instead of drab business casual, I could kick it with couture.  Reader, I promise you, any kind donations will be rewarded with your name  in my acknowledgment slide at OSM12. (Anyone who has met me in real life will also know that I am NOT JOKING on this.)

Fish Scale dress, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

WANT WANT WANT! Pearl Handbag, Chanel. Uncle Karl, I love you!!!
Yes, that is Gisele wearing a Shark tooth necklace at the Givenchy show. Somehow I imagine this image plastering the walls of a seagoing vessel near you.
In proper Chanel style, the show went all out with white (bleached?) coral garden scenery


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  1. Nautical themes kind of bring me down, to be honest. Maybe growing up in South Florida, with its endless parade of shell-themed hideousnesses, tainted me for life.

    Give me hyperboreal frigidity any day!

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