Dredged from the Depths…

From our good friends at Southern Fried Science: The Historical Origins of ‘Whales as People’. An important, and overlooked, point that shared traditions and cultural references are not universal.

The 41st edition of the Carnival of Evolution is up at Mermaid’s Tale (an excellent evolution blog in and of itself you should explore)!

From @DrChrisKellogg on twitter I found out that a Virgin Islands company was fined $4.47 million for illegal trade in protected black coral. Shameful.

How do you autopsy a whale? (make sure you follow @mmvk on twitter for great stuff if you don’t already!)

Coast guard lifts a rare Hawaiian monk seal back home after being treated for eye disease.

@DeepSeaDawn made an awesome pumpkin this halloween! Did you make an ocean-themed jack-o-lantern this year? Let us know or send us a picture!

Crabeater Seal teeth
Crabeater Seal teeth from the Adventures of the Blackgang (click image).


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