Holy Link Fest, Batman! My cup runneth over with oil spill literature

An e-mail just made me shout a barrage of expletives. In a good way.

Some poor intern at Marine Science Review is probably wailing in the hospital, clenching his eye sockets in pain after trawling Google Scholar for 3 days straight. The science division at Sea Web have put together what looks to be the definitive list of recent oil spill literature (accessible here), covering impacts from Deepwater Horizon, knowledge previous spills, and the effects of dispersants. Thankfully, many of these publications are Open Access.

For anyone interested in the scientific literature, this sh*t is a gold mine (comprehensive lists of oil spill articles are very hard to find), and this e-mail was too good to keep hidden in my inbox. I’ll be reading through this list myself, summarizing our current state of knowledge in a future post – stay tuned!

2 Replies to “Holy Link Fest, Batman! My cup runneth over with oil spill literature”

  1. thanks for this Dr. Bik! This resource will be very important to much of the science community and the public as a whole. Hopefully, the results of this reource can be given to the public in a simple and understandable form where they can make their own conclusions about the Deep Horizon Disaster.

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