TGIF – In Your FACE!

Aside from having one of the best common names around, the Sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi, a type of über-blenny) has an extraordinary way of defending its territory against competitors.  There’s not a lot of sarcasm used though; it’s pretty much straight-up aggression.  When one male fringehead starts flapping his trap, I mean, giving him lip, I mean, running his mouth (sorry, you’ll see why in a minute), the other one just gives it right back…in the face.

Oh yeah, and for all the Americans that’s Sir David Attenborough talking about it. He’s quite famous, but you wouldn’t know him because Discovery. keeps. overdubbing. him. with. Oprah. Bloody. Winfrey…

6 Replies to “TGIF – In Your FACE!”

  1. Attneborough? didn’t he pitch for the phillies? it’s a good thing Miscovery Channel overdubs with the women who rediscovered John Steinbeck, because only someone who can explain to the uneducated masses exactly how to cure Autism could also elucidate the complexities of our natural world. and really, who knew that these little fishes only lived in the upscale sections Chicago.

    ok, seriously, thank you, that was really cool! will now share on facebook so i can bask in the coolness as well.

  2. I remember Sir David mucking about in boiling mud being deeply interested in things from my childhood on some PBS series or other – fond memories.

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