A Pelican’s Eye View of Leaping Devil Rays

This is some of the awesomest footage I’ve seen in a while. Wait for the backflip near the end of the clip! This is in the Sea of Cortez and narrated by David Tennant.

This clip is from the BBC YouTube channel. A new program that looks spectacular called EarthFlight, which start December 29th on BBC One for our UK readers.

7 Replies to “A Pelican’s Eye View of Leaping Devil Rays”

  1. We see them jumping in Yucatan Mexico in the summertime too, but nothing like that! Mobulas are some of my favourite animals. I like the one towards the end where the remora falls off half way through the jump

  2. Worse – he plays with flying rays again. Last time (ep. 4.15), they created a wormhole, destroyed a planet and damaged a double-decker bus.

  3. Earthflight is one of the worst nature documentaries I’ve seen in a while. The footage is spectacular, but it’s spoiled by a freakishly inane script, and Tennant over-narrating.

    The only way I can actually get through it is by muting it and putting some classical music on.

  4. Ha! That’s hilarious as I totally zoned out the narration while repeatedly watching this. That’s a shame. I only saw this clip, but was excited by it. Oh well, back to the Attenborough then.

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