I Am Science

Kevin’s I Am Science is quite frankly one of the most beautiful and best posts ever posted at Deep-Sea News.  If you haven’t read it, do it now and prepared to be moved.  His call to the community on Twitter received a ground swell of response from across science about the unusual, humorous, and sometimes tragic paths that have led us to a life in science.  Mindy (@LaMinda on twitter) took this story of the #IamScience phenomenon and set it to music.  As Kevin stated its “a simple, beautiful movie that made me tear up.” I dare you not to feel something when you view it.

I Am Science from Mindy Weisberger on Vimeo.

4 Replies to “I Am Science”

  1. touching stories, despite crappy music. mine could be something like: used to hike between classes to relax as a history major. now soon to move to chicago to get biology degree as well.
    However, I hope that a job at my brother-in-law’s company can keep me from being homeless. science was always my first love, history is just old dead people, my minor was anthropology, so live people as well, but honestly, i hate people. Science has room for another socially inept misanthrope, right?

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