TGIF: Friday Fashion Finds

I’ve been suspiciously quiet on the blogging front lately. The reason: I’ve just completed a cross-country move in the middle of the holiday season (its my second 3000+ mile move in <2 years, but that is another rant for another day). I’ve fled the snowy winters of New Hampshire to take up shop in Jonanthan Eisen’s lab at UC Davis – bringing my love of nematodes and microscopic eukaryotes to bolster the ongoing bacterial/archaeal metagenomics projects here in California.

And of course, I bring my (reduced) shoe collection (trimmed to 45 pairs due to space restraints) and city chic wardrobe to complement this awesome science. While I get back to work on blog posts, I will tide you over with some sea-themed fashion finds from the always-deadly Etsy:

Nematode watercolor from the biological artistry at artologica

Glass art bowl - coral design (comes in many colors)

Kraken pillow slipcovers

Ocean wave glass bead necklace

AWESOME glass octopus paperweight - This screams Dr. M, as he pents his fingers in his underground lair

Jellyfish glass pendant

Vintage polkadot blouse with squid design - this is what I will style Miriam in for her grownup look

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I am a computational biologist at the University of California, Riverside. My research uses DNA sequencing and genomics to study microbial eukaryotes (yeah, nematodes!) in marine ecosystems, with an emphasis on evolution and biodiversity in the deep-sea. I can neither confirm nor deny that I like Unix more than I like going to sea.

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