The passing of Mike deGruy

Marine biologist, photographer and  documentary maker Mike deGruy was killed in a helicopter accident in Australia yesterday.  TED has remembrance page here and below is one of his videos from TED recorded during Mission Blue

More coverage here and here’s Mike’s website if you want to explore his work further.  It’s a great loss for the world whenever someone passes who has devoted their career to conveying to the public the beauty and wonder of the oceans.  Smooth sailing, Mike, we’re sorry to see you go so soon.

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  1. Mike and his family are our neighbor here in Santa Barbara…… words cannot express the profound grief and loss that everyone on our street feels. Incredible sadness…….

    Aloha Mike…….. Safe travels my friend….

  2. The ocean community has lost one of its favorite citizens. Very sad to hear this news. I will always remember his bright smile, insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity.

  3. He worked a long time at Waikiki Aquarium with Bruce Carlson who became the Chief Science Officer at Georgia Aquarium, which is the role I fill since Bruce retired. I never had the chance to meet Mike, unfortunately. As I said to Bruce, I’m sorry you lost a good friend.

  4. The world lost a great commicator. His ability to capture the undersea realm package it and deliver to the land based masses was his gift, and ultimately ours. Going to rent a few of his classics tonight on Amazon.

  5. When I read the news chills went through my entire body and I went to the TED site to watch Mike’s Mission Blue presentation. Just as I was listening to Mike discuss making his first film in the video our mutual friend Dr. Roger Hanlon called me on the phone to talk about the accident. Roger worked with Mike on that film and remembering his incredible enthusiasm and energy made the moment so bitter sweet…. Travel safe

  6. A huge loss to the oceans and to wildlife film making. Mike lived his life to the full and will be missed by many, many friends. I will always remember his laughter and sense of humour – not to mention his talent for story telling.

  7. So very sorry to hear of Mike’s death. Shocked and saddened to hear this news. I loved watching his insightful and interesting documentaries, he always cheered me tremendously with his ever smiling face, even at great depths in the ocean! Such a tragic loss for his family, friends and neighbours, and for the colleagues who knew and worked with him and the Ocean he loved. RIP Mike.

  8. I was fortunate to dive with Mike in the early 1990’s in Galapagos during a filming for BBC. What a guy, with literally boundless enthusiasm for the ocean.

  9. En paz descanses… A wonderful caring person whose amazing dedication to marine filmmaking and conservation has inspired so many… We will be missing Mike coming to Costa Rica with his family for a vacation with us.

  10. Mike was a great man in every sense – personally generous and caring and amazingly professional and skilful – he was always fun to be with and he touched the lives of so many people. We are very sad not to meet him again, at least on this Ocean planet we misname ‘the Earth’.

  11. Just read the very sad news about Mikes death, I first saw Mike dive with the BBC reefwatch show in the RED SEA and once qualified, I followed to the Sinai, he was an inspiration to many many divers, a tragic loss and my feelings go out to his family.

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