James Hansen: Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change

Hat tip to Climate Adaption, a wonderful source fo climate change related news and thoughts on Tumblr.

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  1. As a scientist James Hansen has to know that climate is always changing, with or without us humans.

    We humans have to adapt to the climate changes, or leave place for a more competent specie.

    In this documentary, in addition to the collapse of Ancient Egypt, is the theory that Egypt itself was a refuge from past climate change. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aVL3Nyt8eI

  2. How many grants and how much money have you secured connected to studies about global warming?

  3. Hi Dennis, Climate is “always changing, with or without us” — but never at the pace that it has been over the last 150 years. The closest analogy is probably the PETM — the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum — and that did not turn out so well for most living things. It is highly unlikely that we could adapt — we’ll just do the other thing (i.e., suffer).

  4. Hi Phil, Answering your question: I have secured a few grants that pay for graduate student support, post-doctoral researchers, equipment, travel to fieldwork sites and science team meetings, publication costs, some released time from teaching (overtime is not allowed), and for summer research work (as with many academics, I am on a 10-month contract). These grants were won competitively and there is no guarantee that a proposal will be selected over those of the other proposers (usually at least 100); they have to pass a stringent vetting (review) process. Dr. Hansen has no doubt won many competitively-awarded research grants because he is an excellent scientist at the forefront of his field — but don’t go thinking he has made huge personal fortunes from this: it simply is not allowed (e.g., OMB Circular A.21). The funds from federal research grants go to support the research activities described in proposals and are held by institutions — unlike Wall St. no individuals are receiving big checks here. There are of course private foundations that make donations or awards to individuals as they see fit — I hope you agree that in a free country that is their right.

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