Okeanos Explorer in the Gulf of Mexico

This is a time sensitive post.  By the time some find it, there may be nothing showing, but right now at 1155hrs EDSL, there’s a great feed from the Little Hercules ROV at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, looking at some deep corals

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  1. This is way cool. I was really hoping they’d do something like this for the dive to the Challenger Deep last week. I love that there are operating sounds (or just narration?) as well.

    1. Every day? That’s cool. What’ the best time to chime in to see bottom footage. I also had a period of descent and ascent today and there’s not much to watch then

  2. There should be a chat room established, so we can all scream “Pan Left!! Pan Left!! Zoom In!!!” at the same time.

  3. This is a ‘telepresence enabled’ expedition, so there actually is a chat room where scientists are saying exactly that kind of thing, Aeolius. It would be very cool to have a public chat room. I’ll put that in the suggestion box!

    1. For the readers who may not know OE. Can you explain what we are hearing? I assume it’s a scientist stateside at one of the control centers, relaying requests to an ROV pilot on the ship. Is that correct?

  4. My wife seems less than thrilled that I am listening to this. At one point, when the gentleman directing the ROV was going “ohh… ohhh… ohhhh…” she asked “WHAT IS HE DOING??”

    “He’s…umm… having a deep sea organism?” I replied.

  5. I believe you are hearing shipboard biologists in Stream1, and shipboard pilots and video operators in stream 2.

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