TGIF: The Story of Sushi

For your Friday viewing pleasure, I bring you the “Story of Sushi” – this video is kind of like Thomas the Tank Engine (the PBS show with the miniature people) meets the ASPCA commercial with the Sarah McLaughlin song. Must watch – the set design is incredible!

The Story of Sushi from Bamboo Sushi on Vimeo.

2 Replies to “TGIF: The Story of Sushi”

  1. Great vid! But sustainability on Space Ship Earth starts with population controls and I dare say this will never happen in a well thought out and organized fashion. As long as our planetary population continues to increase, pressure on all resources, including seafood, will continue to increase.

    In order to implement reasonable and rational population controls we must first look at the opposition to same. And we all know where that starts.

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