TGIF: The Biggest Poop On Earth (possibly)

Behold! The biggest poop on earth! Well, we don’t actually know if it’s the actual biggest poop, but it is a poop that came out of the biggest animal ever to exist on Earth.

Two blue whales seen from the air with a reddish poop mass behind them

The majestic poop of the mighty blue whale! Photo by Eddie Kisfaludy.

This photo was taken from a small plane off La Jolla California by Eddie Kisfaludy, who also took the lovely Tetraselmis bloom photo that we featured on Monday. Eddie writes:

Biggest poop on earth? Possibly. These blue whales were feeding off massive amounts of krill offshore San Diego this week. The whale poo is the same color as the krill they feed on, orange.


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  1. OHHHH! I would LOVE that for the vegetable garden!
    now, who do we call to haul it in? it would probably pass through most nets, eh?

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuw!

    It’s the same size as the of the whale.

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