Marine biologist vs. oceanographer music video SHOWDOWN

It’s Saturday, 105 degrees in San Diego, I’m 100 yards from the beach, and I am in front of my computer typing away. OH THE GLAMOUR. Fortunately both you and I can live vicariously through this fine music video from the marine scientists working out of the Gump Station on the French Polynesian island of Moorea.

Though I was academically raised as a coastal marine ecologist, doing SCUBA off small boats like the Moorea folks, I’ve since become a big-ship oceanographer. So I feel I have to re-post this classic of oceanography to combat the idea that all marine biologists get to play in warm shallow water. Still, this aphorism of science ties us all together – “Anything less than success is normal.”


4 Replies to “Marine biologist vs. oceanographer music video SHOWDOWN”

  1. I am cyan-algae-green with envy!
    You are a fun, creative bunch. I love these!
    I’m going show these to a group of 12 year old students in the hopes of sparking interest in the field of marine science.
    This DSN blog is actually perfect for that, so thanks everyone!

  2. I’m much older than you. I am not a marine biologist. I live on a prairie grassland next to mountains. However like you, I love the ocean. Even though I didn’t understand the technical stuff you were talking about most of the time in the 2nd video, you had me turning it up and dancing around my living room in my pajamas..Cool. More. Cruise baby.

  3. Thanks, hearing that you enjoyed these videos so much makes doing this whole blog worth it!

    M., though I _wish_ I’d made Cruise Cruise Baby, I didn’t. It’s from the good folks at University of New Hampshire, circa 2006-7 I think.

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