Awesomesauce Abounds! Donate and Win a Giant Squid

Please take me home!

AND I COUDLN’T BE MORE EXCITED!  The very talented Kate Herweck, a postdoctoral fellow at NESCent studying plant genomes, made this knitted DSN Giant Squid complete with our trademark eye patch!  I am extremely attached to this but I am willing to part with it on one condition.  Donate $250 to our Donor’s Choose Challenge and it is yours. I will pay to ship it directly to your home.  Don’t you want to cuddle up to this soft red squid this cold winter?


4 Replies to “Awesomesauce Abounds! Donate and Win a Giant Squid”

  1. I can’t quite afford this cute squid on my student budget but I’ll happily donate a few pounds/dollars in exchange for Kate’s pattern?

  2. I think you could make a fortune selling DSN squid hats for snowboarders. Go for it!

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