Beneath Antarctic Ice: Gelatinous Edition

Big tip ‘o the hat to @RebeccaRHelm on Twitter for sharing this beautiful video with great music on it. Make sure you stick with the video to about 2/3’s of the way through to see what happens to the jelly!

Video information:

United States Antarctic Program divers, Henry Kaiser and Rob Robbins, both videotape a lovely jellyfish at the Little Razorback Island dive site, near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. A few minutes later the jellyfish drifts too near the bottom and is captured by an anemone.

video created and authorized by Henry Kaiser and Rob Robbins
music created and authorized by Henry Kaiser and Knut Reiersrud

7 Replies to “Beneath Antarctic Ice: Gelatinous Edition”

  1. Yep, looks like a hyperiid, but I don’t know the species. There’s one that gets on Chrysaora sea nettles, and can eat the whole bell if it has a mood to. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one (which, relatively, is huge) debilitated the jellyfish enough to get snagged by the anemone.

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