Chemical Warfare in the Intertidal

@@Alex_Warneke combines two of my loves in life, old school rap and sweet, sweet marine science all for her #SciFund challenge. Alex want to know how heavy metal contamination mucks up normal interactions between predators and prey.  This in itself is a fundamental question that gets at the heart of how marine systems work and how humans are interfering with that.  Alex needs a measly $2500 to support this work.  Of course its small change until you are poor graduate student.  How does the rap fit in.  Alex’s clever video is a homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  The video itself is worth a donation.  I was going to post the video here but you should head over to her #Scifund page to view it.

Project: Chemical Warfare in the Intertidal | RocketHub.

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